Friday, March 20, 2009

Institutional Crisis

Posted by Timo Grandovec,Slovenia

Once, there was a Real Madrid. Royal Madrid. Under the leadership of Santiago Bernabeu Yeste and the likes such as Mendoza, Real Madrid became the most successful club of the XX Century. This Club, this Madrid was the best, a Club worth all of the respect, valued by all universal worlds. We had the generation of Di Stefano, then the Ye-Yes, in the 80s were dominating La Quinta del Buitre. Those were the times, when the this original Madrid had identity, values and consecutive successes. The players in Madrid were players with soul, they were aware of the identity of the Club and it true meaning. Those golden times lasted till La Nonata, till the 9th European Cup.

Then, Florentino Perez brought Madrid under the dark clouds. Figo, Zidane were great, then suddenly number of unnecessary signings started to flow. Beckham, Owen,… and on the other side great players had to leave such as Hierro, McMannaman, Solari, Morientes, players who played for the golden generation under Del Bosque, who sadly had to leave too. Del Bosque, the personification of madridismo is a tragic figure of the mess that is surrounding my Madrid. Everytime I wonder, why did he have to leave? He could be the Madrid’s Ferguson, even more!
Of course, Madrid went through the times of Galacticos, which were disastrous. The years of drought went on from 2003 till 2007. And the coaches were also changing faster like I change my underwear. From gulls like Queiroz, Luxemburgo, to the homeguys like Ramon, Caro, and Camacho. Boneheads or not, none of them were given a chance. Either you dominate like a lion, or you go. That was the policy. No trust, no long-term project, no nothing. Just buying stars and changing coaches. This Madrid was a shame to Madrid from the XX Century. What happened with Santiago Bernabeu? The place who was a place to support your team, became a social meeting point, where you can eat peanuts. Too much armanis dolcesgabannas, to little sweatshirts. The true shame for men were Liverpool fans who totally overcame the madridistas at Santiago Bernabeu in 1/8 CL finals. Shame…
When Calderon came to power it all got even worse. Clownderon and Peja. Stupid clowns, I can’t be calm when I think about them. They were the men, who sold the last piece of reputation. No plan, no long-term project, neglecting the home-grown powers… Still only Capello and nobody else gave us the trophy. Glory to him. He confronted the clowns and even managed to win something. Still Real Madrid was driving to the institutional crisis tirelessly, where the old man in Junta and establishment are defending their own piece of garden. That is the institutional crisis that we are finding ourselves now, only without Clownderon. A bunch of old, elitist, senile men are the cause for such a big crisis that Madrid has managed.
Now I see that Perez would take almost all the votes of madridistas in summer elections. Stupidity, shame. The man who started all this shit, who started a policy without a plan and long-term project, will again rule in Grada Blanca. I am greatly disappointed. I am confused, how all the madridistas are blind that it is not the world stars like Ronaldo and Kaka who bring you successes, but good policy, projects and most of all… Madridismo (!). Signing stars are the symptom of headless planning…
Yeah.. this is today’s Madrid. Madrid of forgotten glory and forgotten spirit. And most of all, Madrid has became Crazy Circus Madrid.

hala madrid


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  2. "too many armanis and dolce gabannas..too little sweatshirts"...very well summarised...n how true unfortunately.....
    btw man u missed out hugo boss.....thats the company paying us big bucks for wearing their suits in the photo shoots......
    jokes apart....wonderful cant wait to have more from you....greaty insight and analysis.

  3. well Perez is the one who started all this Galactico thing....
    but I think he is the kind of man you guys need the most.. someone who can stamp his authority and take tough decisions.. he has been silent.. who knows he might give up his foolhardiness to have a better plan?
    Honestly you guys don't have a better choice than him.

  4. I would agree with Shekhu. Apart from Perez, we dont really have much of options and the moment Perez announces his decision officially, there would not be any contenders. As of now, Madridistas have no options but to cross their fingers and hope that he's learned from his past mistakes.

    And I hope he doesnt get Mourinho to the Bernabeu. That would suck big time.

  5. Hope, hope and more hope!


    “As long as we are alive, there is hope”

    - Iker

  6. Perez, perez, perez...

    What about Eugenio Martinez and his Plataforma Blanca?

    Enquire a little...

  7. I would like to see Eugenio Martinez as the president, with what ever little I have heard of him he sounds like a true Madrista and very young with some refreshing ideas. But it's highly unlikely that he will win this term if Perez announces his candidature...

  8. I've read up on Eugenio Martinez and he seems like a true white. But then again, the question is...with all the media frenzy over Perez and the recent Marca polls, I dont think Martinez would even bother to run in for the campaign should Perez announce his decision to run officially.

    We can only hope that there is an equal contest for presidential elections with a kind of plan (elaborated in my article "renovating a coliseum". But realistically speaking, I dont think it would happen. We'll see a washout of elections with Perez emerging a runaway victor without even having to explain what plans he has for the future.

  9. Yeah, you have a point.

    But the problem is, that you all have given up upon Real Madrid. Every individual can do something, can reject Perez and so on. Florentino had his chance and he blew it. End of story.

    Personally don't want to wait till 2013 till the new elections...