Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Great Man Called “Santiago Bernabeu Yeste”

Posted by Suresh J.V,India

Santiago Bernabeu” is the two words which are synonymous with Real Madrid. Santiago Bernabeu the stadium is the battle field of many great victories of Real Madrid. It’s the Mecca for club football and a coliseum of sorts, however many of us don’t know or have forgotten about a equally gigantic figure of “Santiago Bernabeu Yeste”, after whom the club stadium was named. Santiago was everything of true Madrismo and even more. He was a player, coach, a manager & president of Real Madrid. Everyone loved him for his passion and commitment for football in Real Madrid. Even Real Madrid with it’s glorious past was second best with out Santi and his work (People called Bernabeu as Santi affectionately). Santiago Bernabeu took over the reigns of Real Madrid presidency by divine intervention, when the government re appointed the presidents of Real Madrid and Barcelona after a Fan violence in one of the el classico matches. The time Santiago took over, as the president there was only one Madrid team which was popular and that wasn’t Real Madrid, but the cross town rivals Atletico Madrid. Along with Barcelona & Atletico Bilbao they were most dominating in Spain.

Santiago Bernabeu was loved by the fans and neutrals alike because of his commitment & loyalty towards football in Real Madrid. He single handedly grafted the glorious history on which our club stands today. Santiago took over as the president in year 1943 and he remained the president till death separated him and Real Madrid in 1978. During all these years our club didn’t need a president vote out because Santi’s loyalty, commitment & his vision for the club was unparalleled. It was Santiago Bernabeu’s vision to see elite clubs of the continent play each other to decide the best and their Champions league was born.

After the glorious years of our great president our team started loosing it’s glory not because we didn’t have great players, we had some of the modern day greats like Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo, Hierro, Raul, Owen, & other play for our team with pride but we didn’t have a president who had the passion and vision to take Real Madrid to new heights. Of late we have had presidents who were construction magnets, very successful businessmen, extremely popular lawyers, but none of them could compensate the loss of a true Madrismo in Santiago Bernabeu. Our club doesn’t need president’s who can work to fill the coffers of the club, but true and loyal Madrista’s who can work to fill those gaps in trophy cabinets. It’s about time that we get a president re incarnated with the qualities of Santiago Bernabeu. Is the god listening???

Hala Madrid


  1. This is one article I wish I never had to write. It's just pains to know that with a glorious past we have had only one Santiago. I wish we get one soooooooooooner or later...

  2. Tough times call for tough people with Character !! Lets see who will be the one to stand up and lead the side next season !!!

  3. Wasn't he a fascist?