Monday, December 15, 2008

What the FAQ?

I am a crazy madridista and I am interested in posting as well. How do I start posting?

In case you want to contribute, you can write an email to with ur post title as subject and post in the body.

Please mention the following details as well:
Your name (the name u want to appear beside ur post)
Your orkut / blogger profile link (so that we can verify ur authenticity)

While posting, please keep the following things in mind:
1. Clean language and preferrably neutral. You can abuse and take sides in the comments section
2. No Plaigarism of any kind. If you are posting information from a private source / website, please make sure you give due credit
3. Any pictures that you want to accompany your post, please attach them with your mail. In case your mail doesnt have pictures, we will search for an appropriate picture and attach it along with your post
4. We do not guarantee that we will publish your post for sure. If it meets the standards we have set for our blog, and doesnt conflict with any of the previous posts, we'll definitely post it
5. We may make some modifications and/or factual corrections and/or add/subtract relevant/irrelevant content. Something which will be done only in the better interests of everyone. However the final credit of the post will be given to you only. The mod team wont take credit for this.
6. Any other relevant queries? Send an email to:

So to get a better idea of what I have to post, is there any online forum where I can discuss this with you guys?

You can join the blog community in Orkut here:
You can then take part in the discussions or let us know what you plan to post. If its something we look forward to you, we'll tell you to write a piece. If not, we'll suggest some alternate article that you can post.

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