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Posted by Paulo Martin,Spain
Real Madrid has a preferential option over five of Boca Juniors brightest youth products.

The Argentines broke an agreement which Real Madrid had with the club over a preferential option on Ever Banega when Boca sold the player to Valencia. Real Madrid decided not to take the matter of breach of contract any further if Boca Juniors gave Real Madrid a preferential option on Florin, Muñoz, Araujo, Cabrera and Fragapane.

It seems like Real Madrid want to make Boca Juniors some sorts of extension of Valdebebas in Buenos Aires. The whites have demonstrated a excellent following of the Argentine market in recent years having secured the likes of Fernando Gago and Gonzalo Higuain and want to keep their grasp in that market by securing a preferential option on five of Boca Juniors most promising youngsters.

The five players are Juan Forlin, Ezequiel Muñoz, Sergio Araujo, Nicolas Cabrera and Franco Fragapane. The scouts at Real Madrid have been following these players for some time and have no doubt of there ability and expect all of them to have a bright future in European football.

Real Madrid`s preferential option on these players was signed little over a month ago when Carlos Bianchi who was Boca Juniors ex manager and now is a director at the club came to Madrid to meet with Carlos Bucero and reach an agreement to end a conflict between the clubs that could have ended up in the CAS and would have ended up with Boca Juniors receiving a hefty fine.

In that meeting, Real Madrid claimed that Boca Juniors had broken a contract clause included int he signing of Fernando Gago, the clause stipulated that Real Madrid had a preferential option over three other Boca Juniors players; Mathias Cahais, Jonathan Maidana and Ever Banega. BoCA Juniors sold Ever Banega last winter to Valencia without honoring the preferential option that Real Madrid had signed with the club. Real Madrid then negotiated the option of the five players mentioned above in exchange for not taking Boca Juniors to the CAS.

Jorge Amor Ameal, Boca Juniors president is convinced that Real Madrid has made an excellent deal. " These kids have an enormous future ahead of them and i am confident that they will make it, various big European clubs have been keeping tabs on them". Real Madrid got a great deal from a problematic situation and both parties seem happy that the matter is resolved.

Those who have seen the players in action claim that they will form a new generation similar to that of Messi`s and Aguero`s. Folrin and Muñoz are already regular first team players for Boca Juniors and Forlin has already been named as part of the squad for the Argentinian national team that will face Venezuela and Bolivia question remains if he will be short listed or not.

But not only Real Madrid have shown interest in Forlin, also Barcelona have taken an interest in the player with Barça sporting director Txiqui Beguiristain scouting the player on several occasions. This young center back already had a very brief encounter with Real Madrid when he was at Real Madrid B in 2007 but a complication in his passport and visa forced him to return to Argentina.


JUAN FORLIN: (Reconquista,Sta.Fe, 10-01-1988) He`s 21 years old, He plays as a center back and starts on a regular basis for Boca Juniors and was one of the stars of his team that won the Apertura 2008 coached by Carlos Isquia. He is technically gifted, he can play on the left or right, He`s very quick, and his formidable conditions has seduced even the great Maradona.

EZEQUIEL MUÑOZ: (Pergamio, Province of Buenos Aires, 08-10-1990) Considered by the great Carlos Bianchi as the future center back for the national team. He has a strong physical presence (1`85 and 82 kg), he`s strong int he air, he has a strong personality
and a great character. He made his debut int he past South American Cup against Quito. His footballing mirror is Roberto Ayala.

SERGIO ARAUJO: At just 17 years old he is considered one of the great Argentine talents. He is a striker who is extremely quick, an authentic product of baby football, he is technically very gifted and is very habile with the ball at his feet, has great
ability to take on players in small areas and has good mobility and drops to either wing. He first started playing at Club Parque under Ramon Maddoni the same person who groomed Fernando Gago. Muñoz is constantly being compared to a young Kun Aguero.

GONZALO CABRERA: (Buenos Aires 15-01-1989) He is an attacking midfielder who can play as a creative midfielder or as an attacking midfielder. A similar player to Pablo Aimar. His preferred foot is his right but can easily switch to his left considering he is ambidextrous. He has a strong physical presence (1`89) and is good in the air.

FRANCO FRANGAPANE: (Mendoza, 06-02-1993) He is the youngest of the five and is only 16 years old. He is a very fast striker but his preferred position is on the right wing. Very talented on the ball and lethal on one-on-ones. Because of his mobility and pace
he is compared to Rodrigo Palacio. Very habile in taking on players and shooting on goal.

Hala Madrid


  1. A Nice article and it's very heartening to see the sensible approach to situation which wouldn't have benefited us. I have heard about Forlin and Araujo a lot and Forlin seems to be fast tracked into Albaceleste's first team. All in all a nice deal.

  2. Good stuff man. I feel it is a better approach to track youngsters rather than buying big stars. But, we do have an issue with foreign players. Since we cannot play more than 3 for the liga, we should find some way to circumvent this. For example, we could buy them a year in advance and loan them to a Portuguese league team where it is relatively easy to get EU nationality. Otherwise, it will be a case of sour grapes if after all the scouting, we cannot play the desired players. Anyway, it is a step in the right direction!
    Hala Madrid!
    A Spaniard in the works.

  3. One thing, the photography next to Sergio Araujo is not representing Sergio Araujo. It's Ezequiel Benavidez near Diego.

    Here's Sergio Araujo,next to Rodrigo Palacio:

    Here's a short video of him against the sub-17 uruguayan squad:

  4. Oh and Cabrera is not 1.89m tall but 1.68m tall.

    Here he is: