Friday, February 6, 2009

An Atletico Man who chased a REAL Dream

posted by-suresh J V,India

Raul Gonzalez Blanco, This is one name which immediately touches chord with millions of Madridista's all around the world. This is one name which single handedly bought pride and spot light like back to Real Madrid at start of this century. This is one name which always get's spoken along with the greats like De Stefano, Puskas, Gento's and others who played there best for Real Madrid.  Raul Gonzalez Blanco who has been revered, as icon and pride of Real Madrid would not have been one, if he did not join Real Madrid after certain Jesus Gil the once president of Atletico Madrid decided to scrap Atletico's youth system where Raul was getting ready to dawn the colors of Rojiblancos. Atletico later found out that arguably this was their greatest gift ever to their cross town rival's.

                   Raul was born into a humble working class family, whose head was a passionate supporter of Atletico Madrid. His father might have felt the pain rip through his heart, when he saw his son play for Real Madrid and not for his beloved Atletico, but such was the passion and dedication, Raul had for Real Madrid that no one ever mentioned or questioned his Atletico roots with cynicism. Raul was a boy when he first played for Real Madrid. Playing along with the idols like ButragueƱo, Michel, Zamorano, Redondo, Sanchis and Buyo would have overwhelmed many, but not Raul. In fact playing along with his idols spurred him and made him the legend he is today.  Raul true to his commitment has reminded a single club man even though he commanded the highest transfer fee's in peak of his powers. Raul's commitment to the club was unparalleled even when he was chased and haunted by many multi million transfer offers, that no one in the club lost sleep even for a day with the prospect of loosing there most prized asset looming large.

                  Raul is respected all around the world not just for his footballing skills, but for his passion, commitment and outstanding behavior. Raul stands as a beacon in the world of football which is losing its sheen and slowly been taken over by football playing thugs, who don't mind slugging it out in a pub after their day's game. Not receiving a single red card in entire professional career spanning over 14 years is a feat which deserves the highest accolade and a benchmark which any self respecting footballer needs to strive to achieve.

Many love Real Madrid because they love football, but there are many more who love football because they love Real Madrid. For those many more supporters Raul is not just a top scorer, a great and a legend, but an identity which they will ever be proud to associate themselves with. Let the history etch his name in footballing folklore for many million youngsters who will not be fortunate to see this legend playing.

Long live the king. Long live his kingdom.


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