Friday, January 16, 2009

Et Tu, Marca?

Posted by: Ashay K.

Julius Caesar's words echo strong in this case. The only change being this time its Calderon and there's no Brutus, only Marca. After carrying out a long campaign against Ramon Calderon, Marca seems to have finally succeeded.

Marca reports that Ramon Calderon has sensationally resigned from the post of Club President. Calderon is due to hold a press conference explaining his decision to stand down at 18:00 CET.
Keep watchin this space, we'll post more once the news is official followed by a detailed analysis of Calderon's tenure here at Real Madrid.


  1. Awesome. Hope Mijatovic gets fired soon.

  2. Great news mate..i hope both he and that mijatovic, both get fired effective immediately!!

  3. I think logically speaking that mijatovic would have to follow calderon as well. I'd be surprised if Mijatovic sticks around. I hope the interim president (as per news reports is Vicente Balouda) gets Mijatovic out of the scene as well.

  4. He got what he deserved. He is one of the worst presidents we have had in many many years. He won his place in the club through cheats with the mail votes scandal and consistently kept lying to the socios claiming he had such and such players signed when in the end he had none of them.

    His continuous cock up`s with the press, the recent CL fiasco with Lass & Huntelaar, the club credit card used for personal reasons, the manipulation of assembly and meetings, the fact that he condoned the ultra sur, for all that and many more things that probably escape me right now is the reason he`s had to pack his bags up and fuckoff.

    I hope he never shows his face in the Bernabeu again, he`s a liar and a disgrace to the club and nothing more than a common charlatan.

    This is a great day for Madridistas, my only problem now is that the rest of his board should have followed him and left. The only reason they have stayed on till the summer is so they can cover up his cock up`s and irregular dealings inside the club before the new administration take over. Another thing that kind of pisses me off is why didn't the set a date for the elections ? We simply cannot leave it till July because that will give the new administration very little time to work.

  5. he resigned and now i jhope that mijatovic 2 gets fired.....atleast no more of off the pitch controversies hopefully....